What Mom's are saying about My Puppy Box



Heather​ has chosen the best informational children books, that will have the whole family involved in raising their dogs. This education will be with the children forever. Your family dog will be furever grateful, too.

My Puppy Box has lots of fun, educational and creative stuff for learning and play. Children learn how to be around dogs and how to read their body language and behavior. When you have this knowledge, you're already a much better owner. The chances of being bitten by a dog you know, decrease dramatically and that is a win, win for everyone.

My Puppy Rescue Box educates children about dog rescues, shelters and the adoption of dogs. The stories are charming with great lessons. They're perfect to stimulate conversation between parents and children.

My Puppy Box for Teachers is to give the teacher the tools to educate larger groups of children. Also, can be used

if your children are home studied.

My Puppy Box for Shelters and Rescues is an opportunity for you to donate this box to a rescue or shelter of your choice, so that a family that adopts a dog, has an educational box of valuable information to be the best owners for their dog.   

Fun and Educational at the Same Time !

​​A recent note from a Mom whose children had received a "My Puppy Box" said, I wish that shelters would have this available to new parents.

The return rate would go down. Even Rescues! It's Very educational and I think that every child whether they are getting a new dog or not should read it and be knowledgeable about how to approach dogs.

Child Safety with a Children's Education About Dogs, Teaching them to be Responsible Dog Owners!