Caring For a Dog

Children want a dog in their family but do not understand what a dog requires  to be happy and healthy.


 ​Did you know that 77% of dog bites happen to children between the ages of 5-10 years of age? Those dog bites 

are by the family's own dog or a dog

​they know.

A recent note from a Mom whose children had received a "My Puppy Box" said, I wish that shelters would have this available to new parents.

The return rate would go down. Even Rescues!  It's Very educational and I think that every child whether they are getting a new dog or not should read it and be knowledgeable about how to approach dogs.

Family Pet

Children who receive this education, will also help their family understand more in regards to obedience, dog body language, and responsibility with their dogs. 

What Mom's are saying about My Puppy Box


​​​Dog Bite Prevention ! My Puppy box helps children & dogs be safe !

"My Puppy Box" along with a version about Dog Rescues called "My Puppy Rescue Box", are fun educational boxes for children to learn how to be safe around dogs, care and being responsible for a dog.  There are fun interactive books in the boxes, including their very own puppy. My Puppy Rescue Box

educates children about Dog Rescues, Dog Shelters, and Adoption of Dogs. 5% of sales of "My Puppy Rescue Box" will go to Dog Rescues.

Future Dog Owner

This material provides children an education for life. When they are old enough to have their own dog, they will make better choices.

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