Educational Books, coloring pencils or crayons, fun activity books with coloring, drawing and creativity. All with Dogs as the main theme.


Mission Statement

To educate the Children of today, in how to be responsible and safe around dogs. Creating a world that is safe for dogs and children, to live together.  

Heather with her family of dogs.

For the past 8 years as a Professional Dog Trainer, I have witnessed children in their own homes with their family pet, so close to being bitten. Most of the dog bites in this country are with family dogs or dogs that the children know very well.

The reason for an education about Dogs, is that the children do not realize how to respect a Dog or read the different body languages, and they also need to know their responsibilities while being around Dogs.

The purpose of My Puppy Box is to not only educate children through fun interactive books and activities, but to also have all the family be participating in taking care of their family's dog. 


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Children will gain so much knowledge with these boxes. They do not need to have a dog living with them to benefit from this