They really like the book where you put your pets picture. We will read chapter 2 today.

Madyson loved learning about how to take care of her dog, she loved the puppy in the box. 



I think it's great!! Even though my kids are already "dog proofed" this is very educational to both adults and children, getting a new dog.


Here is a YouTube video, "The Dog Listener"

 I think that every child whether they are getting a new pet or not should read it and be knowledgeable about how to approach dogs.


They love it.. this is great for our homeschooling. . They are exited to learn about all the breeds.

They named their puppy's already... Nuria named her puppy Charles. Ephrain named his Jailynn, after his sister. Thanks so much....


Omg, Heather!! It was like Christmas, we got them about two hours ago, the boys were crazy, they both named the dogs, read and read and read, I'll get some pics as soon as they come back, HUGE HIT!!